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Old 07-26-2001

The site has gone slow for quite some time...
Can you do somethin abt it

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Old 07-26-2001
Please check you network connection and Internet path. The site is on a T3 site and we access from a broadband cable modem many hops away. It is lightening fast for us. The site cannot respond faster than your network connection Smilie

In other words, the site flies when connectivity between client and server are fast. It is very fast on the server side. The bottleneck is on the client side.

Sometimes providers sell services that saturate their links and the service degrades. This many be happening between you and part of the Internet.
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Old 07-30-2001
Just to reinstate what Neo said, I've noticed the site has been considerably faster. I'm on DSL at work, but even at home on my 56k connection, this site is extremely fast.
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