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Old 10-21-2009
efficient raid file server

I need to put together a RAID1 file server for use by Windoze systems. I've built zillions of windows systems from components. I was a HPUX SE for a long time at HP, but have been out of the game for years.

I've got an old workhorse mobo FIC PA-2013 with a 450 MHz K6 III+ I could use, but I'd need to get a RAID card for that.

I've also got a PCCHIPS M789 mobo with the VIA C3 processor, and likely have some memory for that, would still need a RAID card.

I won't be doing video editing over the LAN which is currently 100 BT.

I would like a balance between performance and operation cost (ever calculate what 500 watts costs for 24x7?) It occurred to me that if I need to buy a RAID card I might be better off buying a new MOBO with the raid built in with a second or third tier efficient processor.

I would appreciate recommendations for both hardware and flavor of LINUX.

I realize that there may be posts here relating to this topic, but I haven't stumbled upon any.


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Old 10-28-2009
Come on, guys. I'm dying here. Running out of space on my server and wanting to BUILD something economical and dependable.


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Old 10-28-2009
Just about any PC should be able to do what you want. Use that C3 you've got (since it's probably a bit faster, and the motherboard probably has LAN on-board), connect 3-4 500 GB discs, and set them up as software RAID (no need for a RAID card). With a RAID 5 setup, you're looking at 1 TB to 1.3 TB of useable space (subtract 20 - 30 GB to have lots and lots of space for the OS).

Suggested layout (on all discs):
Partition 1: ca. 100 MB, RAID1, using ext2, mounted at /boot
Partition 2: ca. 20 GB, RAID1, using ext3, mounted at /
Partition 3: ca. 500 MB, swap (= 1.5 to 2 GB of swap space)
Partition 4: the rest, either RAID5 configured as LVM PV or just RAID5 using ReiserFS (quicker with small files), mounted at /srv/samba

As for the distribution: just about any should do, as any modern distro knows about software RAID, LVM, and Samba (for Windows connectivity), but I'd opt for Debian.
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