2-Ch RAID Problem in SCO Open Server

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Old 11-11-2002
Data 2-Ch RAID Problem in SCO Open Server

Help, if possible.
In SCO Open Server with installation of two-channel RAID controller the following happens: on the channel 0 disk array is seen by an operational system, and on the channel 1 array is not seen (simultaneously). That is the operational system can not simultaneously use more than one channel of the controller. The controller - IBM ServeRAID 4Mx.
Can be, any are necessary specific of set-up?
Beforehand thank you.
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Old 11-25-2002
Depends on the storage array you're running.
I have a MOD30 with 2 controllers, but they control the same drives. Within the operating system, you should probably setup a vg, or something like a mirror. What this does is when a controller goes down, the system will pull from the second controller automatically, thus the same drives, but a different address.

Hope this is helpful
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