Need help in logic using awk command

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Old 08-21-2009
Need help in logic using awk command

I have task to find out the min,max, average value of each service for example i searched for " StatementService "

$awk '/VST.*StatementService:/{print $3,$4,$19,$22,$25}' performance.log > smp.log
$cat smp.log
amexgtv VST: : StatementService:1860 StatementService:getCardReference:0
keynotescript VST: StatementService:119 StatementService:getCardReference:0 StatementService:setBillingDetails:1
amexgtv VST: : StatementService:2005 StatementService:getCardReference:0
everton1000 VST: StatementService:389 StatementService:getCardReference:0 StatementService:setBillingDetails:0
amexpam7 VST: StatementService:1054 StatementService:getCardReference:0 StatementService:setBillingDetails:0
godlyshalomkcuk VST: , INTERRUPTED STEP
keynotescript VST: StatementService:187 StatementService:getCardReference:0 StatementService:setBillingDetails:0
alysondavies1 VST: StatementService:498 StatementService:getCardReference:10 StatementService:setBillingDetails:0
psimpson11 VST: StatementService:1414 StatementService:getCardReference:7 StatementService:setBillingDetails:24
psimpson11 VST: StatementService:454 StatementService:getCardReference:6 StatementService:setBillingDetails:1

Now there are three services which i need to get the min/max/avg values, so i used the below awk. But it's give me a false result.
$awk -F 'StatementService:' '{x=substr($2,1,4);print x}{min=min?min:x}{if(min >x)min=x}{if(max<x)max=x;suma+=x}END{printf "View Statement - For StatementService \nMin = %d Max = %d Sum = %d\n", min,max,suma}' ~/smp.log
View Statement - For StatementService
Min = 1414 Max = 498 Sum = 7980

I also used the
$awk -F 'StatementService:' '{ if (NR==1) { sum=min=max=substr($2,1,4); } else { sum+=$2; min=(min<$2)?min:$2; max=(max>$2)?max:$2; } } END { print "avg: " sum/NR " min: " min " max: " max; }' ~/smp.log
avg: 798 min:  max: 2005

still the min valuse is wrong here.
NOTE: The pattern is not consistent in position and in lines, some line contains the StatementService where some lines not and also in the first line it is coming in the 4th position but rest of the lines it comes in the 3rd position.
Please help me to find out solution. Also if there is any other logic please let me know. I have 108 transaction which has around 10-15 services where i need to find out the min/max and avg.

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I found a way to find that, but it look very odd to me and i consider its not a smarter way to do this, please comment on this and suggest better one.

$awk -F 'StatementService:' '/VST.*StatementService:/{print $2;}' performance.log | 
awk '/./' | 
awk -F 'ms' '{if (NR==1) {sum=min=max=$1;} else { sum+=$1; min=(min<$1)?min:$1; max=(max>$1)?max:$1; } } 
 END { printf  "%-50s%-10s%-10s%-10s%-7.3f\n" ,"StatementService", min,max,sum,sum/NR }' 
StatementService                                  78        10548     8198660   735.042

$awk -F 'StatementService:getCardReference:' '/VST.*StatementService:/{print $2;}' performance.log |
 awk '/./' | 
awk -F 'ms' '{if (NR==1) {sum=min=max=$1;} else { sum+=$1; min=(min<$1)?min:$1; max=(max>$1)?max:$1; } } 
 END { printf  "%-50s%-10s%-10s%-10s%-7.3f\n" ,"Get Card Reference", min,max,sum,sum/NR }' 
Get Card Reference                                0         21        1712      0.154

$awk -F 'StatementService:setBillingDetails:' '/VST.*StatementService:/{print $2;}' performance.log | 
awk '/./' | 
awk -F 'ms' '{if (NR==1) {sum=min=max=$1;} else { sum+=$1; min=(min<$1)?min:$1; max=(max>$1)?max:$1; } } 
 END { printf  "%-50s%-10s%-10s%-10s%-7.3f\n" ,"set Billing Details", min,max,sum,sum/NR }' 
 set Billing Details                               0         463       8885      0.843

Is there any way so that i can serach for only one time not three times?

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please suggest some solution for the issue.

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Old 09-08-2009
please suggest some solutions
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Old 09-09-2009
awk -F":" '{if($3 !~ /[0-9]/){if($4 ~ /[0-9]/);
 split($4,a," ");arr[$0]=a[1]}else{split($3,a," ");arr[$0]=a[1]}}
 END{for(i in arr)print arr[i]}
' smp.log | sort -n | sed '/^$/d' | awk 'NR==1{print "Min="$1;sum+=$1;next}
{sum+=$1;max=$1}END{print "Max="max"\n""Sum="sum"\n""Avg="sum/NR}'

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Old 09-09-2009
Thanks very much...malcomex999

I will change my query to this one.
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