Using USB sticks in FreeBSD

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Old 08-19-2009
Using USB sticks in FreeBSD

I have a number of questions regarding using usb sticks on xfce and freebsd.
1- Does the thunar volume manager (xfce plugin) actually provide a means to automount usb sticks? I have set all possible options in the volume manager, but have not had any automount yet.
2- Is there any utility on freebsd to measure mean time between failure, or expected time to failure?
3- Is it possible (apart from being undesirable for security and performance reasons) to define a usb stick as a network disc, whereby it defines itself as network disc regardless of where it is plugged in?

Thanks in advance
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XFCE4-POWER-MANAGER(1)					      General Commands Manual					    XFCE4-POWER-MANAGER(1)

xfce4-power-manager - The Xfce 4 Power manager SYNOPSIS
xfce4-power-manager [options] DESCRIPTION
xfce4-power-manager manages the power sources on the computer and the devices that can be controlled to reduce their power consumption (such as LCD brightness level, monitor sleep, CPU frequency scaling). In addition, xfce4-power-manager provides a set of freedesktop-com- pliant DBus interfaces to inform other applications about current power level so that they can adjust their power consumption, and it pro- vides the inhibit interface which allows applications to prevent automatic sleep actions via the power manager; as an example, the operat- ing system's package manager should make use of this interface while it is performing update operations. You can run xfce4-power-manager from the command line without specifying any extra arguments. OPTIONS
--no-daemon Starts the power manager in non-daemon mode: useful for debugging. --restart Causes the running power manager to restart. --customize Shows the configuration dialog. --quit Causes any running instance of xfce4-power-manager to exit. BUGS
Please report any bugs to Development discussion should be conducted on the mailing list. Usage related questions should be directed to the mailing list. HOMEPAGE AUTHOR
Ali Abdallah <>, Robby Workman <>. 31 March 2009 Version 0.8.0 XFCE4-POWER-MANAGER(1)

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