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Old 08-06-2009
JASS Development

with regard to JASS, some time ago (1.5 years) I took it's 4.2 version and dig it quite much and created customized and more tight (although still 100% usefull) version of the framework to be used in company i worked for (I think they never used it after I left, however).
I also found that some of the scripts in JASS4.2 had errors and actually could not work. REcently I discovered the newest JASS version is still 4.2!!! Does any one think it may be usefull to somehow go public with what I reworked?

Personally I find JASS great and I learned many smart concepts digging through its scripts and code. These days I try to port some of it's concepts to other platform that need controls and compliance verification.

I will appreciate yout thoughts... Smilie
Small problem could be that I only have access to solaris 10 on vbox these days... No real SPARC machine.

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ranlib - generate index to archive. SYNOPSIS
ranlib [-vV] archive DESCRIPTION
ranlib generates an index to the contents of an archive and stores it in the archive. The index lists each symbol defined by a member of an archive that is a relocatable object file. You may use nm -s or nm --print-armap to list this index. An archive with such an index speeds up linking to the library and allows routines in the library to call each other without regard to their placement in the archive. The GNU ranlib program is another form of GNU ar; running ranlib is completely equivalent to executing ar -s. OPTIONS
-v -V --version Show the version number of ranlib. SEE ALSO
ar(1), nm(1), and the Info entries for binutils. COPYRIGHT
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