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b8 development goes on

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b8 development goes on

b8 development goes on

The next b8 release (0.5) will be a major one with major changes. Oliver Lillie sent me a basic PHP 5 port of b8, I used his code as the base for b8 0.5. Almost all parts have been completely rewritten, only the math remains untouched.

The most significant changes are:
  • No PHP 4 compatibility anymore. Much cleaner code base with less hacks.
  • Completely reworked storage model. The SQL performance increased dramatically, the Berkeley DB performance remains as fast as it always has been.
  • Better lexer which can also handle non-latin1 texts in a nice way, so that e. g. Cyrillic or Chinese texts can be classified more performant. This lexer has also been back-ported to the 0.4.x branch of b8. It will work better than b8 0.4.4's lexer, but be aware that PHP 4 won't handle Unicode correctly.
  • No config files anymore, multiple instances of b8 can be now created in the same script with different configuration, databases and no problems.
  • No spooky administration interface anymore that needs an SQL database, even if Berkeley DB is used (anybody who actually used this?! I never did ;-).
  • No "install" scripts and routines and a less end-user compatible
    documentation. Anybody integrating b8 in his homepage won't be an end-user, will he?
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