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Old 07-23-2009
grepping a variable

I need to pass a parameter that will then be grepped.

I need it to grep /paramater and then have a space

so if 123 was passed my grep would be grep '/123 ' sample.log

this works fine from the command line

but when i try and set it searchThis="/$2 "

and then run grep $searchThis $logfile

it doesnt work, any ideas?
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Old 07-23-2009
It doesn't work because it returns too many lines, or no lines?

You should enclose the grep expression in quotes:

grep "$searchThis" $logfile

if you expect it to add the space to the search.
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Old 07-23-2009
returns nothing


searchParam="/$1 "
grep "$searchParam" $logfile
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Old 07-23-2009
What is $1? Are you running this grep in a script? (you said $2 in your original post)

Show me how you run the script (i.e. if you pass $searchParam to the script, do you quote that (i.i.e mySctipt "$searchParam")).
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Old 07-23-2009
this is the full script, its going into an infinite loop



searchParam="/$1 "
grep "$searchParam" $logfile
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Old 07-23-2009
That's no surprise, really.

The variable has a capital F and the grep command doesn't:

searchParam="/$1 "
grep "$searchParam" $logfile

It hasn't gone into an infinite loop... it's just waiting for input because $logfile is blank the shell evaluates that to nothing (not a filename as you thought).
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Old 07-23-2009
It is a good practice to check for uninitialized variables in a shell.

$logfile would have hopefully been caught in that.

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