mailx on sequent

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Old 07-03-2001
mailx on sequent

I am working on sequent unix.
I would like to use the "mailx -c" (for the purpose of corbon copy).
But I got error illigal option.
I tried with tilda c (~c). but this works only from command line.
Is there any way that I can use this from shellscript.
I have looked in to our database but no suitable answer

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Old 07-07-2001
Re: mailx on sequent

The tilda char (~) is not normally used in the command line arguments such as the one you are doing (i.e. mailx) . Suggest you just the full path name. (~) is normally used for things like cd (change directory) and other simple shell movement commands. Personally, I would not use it in a mailx command line switch.
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