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Old 08-14-2003
Question Minicom Scripting

Does anyone have a working minicom script they would care to post as I can't get the scripting working and the scriptdemo and unixlogin sample scripts are on my system either.


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Old 08-15-2003
Ok, what I'm trying to do is to interact with the Orange SMS dialup gateway.

I can get the minicom app to dial the number and use hte expect statement to confirm it sees the welcome page, but here the problem starts.

The script then needs to send an 's' without CR wait for a repsonse then send a mobile number (with CR) and wait and finally send the message (with CR).

Anyone with any minicom scripting got any ideas how to do this ?


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Old 08-15-2003
I couldn't find much on minicom ... here's a couple examples I found, but I'm not sure they'll help with what you're trying to do:

start :
send ""

expect {
    "Linux login:"
send root

expect {
	"[root@Linux /root]$"
send cat > /etc/resolv.conf
send domain
send search
send nameserver $(IXP1200_DNS1)
send nameserver $(IXP1200_DNS2)

expect {
	"[root@Linux /root]$"
send ifup $(IXP1200_LIP) $(IXP1200_MASK) $(IXP1200_BCAST) $(IXP1200_GWAY)

expect {
	"[root@Linux /root]$"
send /bin/rm /var/log/wtmp

expect {
	"[root@Linux /root]$"
send PS1=\"[\\u@\\h \\W]\\$ \"


bootixp :

# LIP: Local IP, the address reserved for your Evaluation system
export IXP1200_LIP=

# RIP: Remote IP, the address of a tftp server with zImage and ramdisk_img.gz
export IXP1200_RIP=

# netmask, broadcast, gateway and DNS
export IXP1200_MASK=
export IXP1200_BCAST= 
export IXP1200_GWAY=
export IXP1200_DNS1=
export IXP1200_DNS2=

# This line assumes the start script is in the user's home directory
minicom ixp1200 -S ./start

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