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Old 06-22-2001
Question linux - minicom

hello. i'm attempting to use minicom in linux, but i'm having some difficulties. When i type in "minicom", the application opens up. It says 'starting minicom/finding modem'(something like that). However, once it actually starts, I can't do anything. No matter what I type in, it doesn't work. --nothing i type in is entered to the screen. When I press CTL-A, nothing happens.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this may be happening. thanks
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Old 06-22-2001
Ctrl-A followed by the letter 'Z' should get you a help screen. What happens when you try that? If you have ever used Telix under Dos, then the keys are very similar, except you would use "Alt-Z" in Telix, and you use "Ctrl-A Z" in minicom.
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Old 06-26-2001
i entered ctl-a z, but that didn't give me anythinmg useful. someone i work w/ helped me figure it out. i have dual boot into either linux or windows. The settings in my bios were set for plug and play. i changed them and minicom found my modem. all is working now. thanks for your helpSmilie
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