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Old 06-29-2001
heh sorry optimus Smilie

I had a nightmare with DNS a while back, and spent countless times retstarting the named daemon on a client, only to find out that it should not have been running anyway - hence diverting my attentions down the incorrect route. Just wanted to save someone else the hassle! Smilie

By the way Dlongman optimus has given me the idea that you may want to check the syslog on the nameserver and check that named loaded the zonefile for the host you are pinging correctly, without any errors, and if not then send a HUP to named to restart Smilie

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Old 06-29-2001
Well I've been able to use nslookup and query the DNS server successfully. (even able to query domain names outside of our domain)

Any ideas why

ping proxy1.compassgroup.com doesn't work?

compassgroup.com is our local domain
ensured that proxy1 has been defined on the DNS server.

I can ping proxy1 and it works(defined in the host file)?


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Old 06-29-2001
try this and tell me if you find the address you can not resolve in there.

>ls -a compassgroup.com > company.dnstables

this should dump the companys tables to that file name now just search for the host your looking for to ensure for your peice of mind that it is in there.


if you can ping proxy1.compassgroup.com then name to ip translation HAS to be working. but if you get a failed response then that part is down.

if you can ping proxy1.compassgroup.com via its IP then you know the name to ip part is not working.

if you CAN NOT ping it at all then the host is a) down b) not in the tables.

another side note: now there were talkig about dns my co-worker is like yeah were using new dns servers im like we are? my servers are still running on the old ones. hes like yeah the windows stuff was tossed into a diff. domin. i was like IC so we tried the new dns server and what not. all but one worked. cuz i am gunna bet it is not in the tables.

looks like our problem was a zone transfer problem.

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Old 06-29-2001
Well here is what i found:


>ls -a compassgroup.com
Host or domain name Alias

Now if i just enter
Server: [

Name: proxy1.compassgroup.com

Proxy1 is defined on the DNS server using an A record

Here's the story on PING

ping proxy1.compassgroup.com - does not work
ping proxy1 - works
ping - works

Any ideas?

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Old 06-30-2001
CPU & Memory Step-By-Step

OK. Let's work this problem step-by-step for our friend DLongan Smilie

Questions for DLongan:

Who has configuration control of the DNS nameserver you
are using?

If it you or your friend, please post the /etc/named.conf file or /etc/named.boot file (or similar file) so we can take a look.

BTW: My test results:

www# nslookup

> server 
Default Server:  []

> proxy1
Server:  []

*** [] can't find proxy1: No response from server

> proxy1.compassgroup.com 
Server:  []

*** [] can't find proxy1.compassgroup.com: No response from server
> ls -d compassgroup.com
ls: connect: No route to host
*** Can't list domain compassgroup.com: Unspecified error

Results looks like your DNS server is not working or configured properly.
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Old 07-02-2001

The name server only serves our intranet, I am glad to see that you weren't able to access it!

Its a winnt 4.0 box, and it's functioning as a forwarder. I can ping using FQDN from other win boxes. I don't have another unix box to try from.

Here is the dns config
; Database file compassgroup.com.dns for compassgroup.com zone.
; Zone version: 56

@ IN SOA compassnt.compassgroup.com. itsupport.compassgroup.com. (
56 ; serial number
3600 ; refresh
600 ; retry
86400 ; expire
3600 ) ; minimum TTL

; Zone NS records

@ NS compassnt

; Zone records

chicago A
classic A
compassnt A
email A
intranet A
intuity A
proxy1 A
resumix A
www A

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

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Old 07-02-2001
Since we can't access it, we can't check how it is working from the outside. Sorry, I could help you if your DNS server was UNIX.

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