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Old 06-28-2001
Data newbee - copy data from UNIX to Linux

I have to setup a new server (linux) and I have to copy the data from the old unix system to the new one.

Can I access the unix data in dos?

Please help. I know little about linux and unix
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Old 06-28-2001


You could export the directories you want to copy using an nfs server on the unix machine, and then mount the directories on the linux machine, this would then allow you to copy them to a directory on the linux machine.

Another way would be to ftp into the unix machine and download the files.

Andy Hibbins Smilie
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Old 06-28-2001
Andy Hibbins: is on the right track. i dont think dos can find a unix nfs unless you have samba installed.

also your alternative is to dump the data you want to tape and restore it on the new machine (this being the best idea cuz you will then have a static back up of the data if ever needed again.

check out altho if this is a one time thing samba might be more of a hasstle to set up, but it does come handy.

if this is a one time deal then just tar every thing you want and send it over via ftp.

but i will admit samba as a project can be fustrating but it is extreamly useful and fun after you get it working the first time. practice makes perfect.

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Old 06-28-2001
I like samba;however samba works best in a local LAN environment (not across a wide area). Because of that limitation, I tend to use SSH for most file transfers these days. Both are good options.
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