copy data from Windows to Unix any help?

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Old 06-10-2002
copy data from Windows to Unix any help?

I have a log file that I would like to copy from my windows pc to my unix pc for further processuon. Is there any command that can help me perform this task?. I already have a cron to fire up the process, but nothing seems to be coming up.

I am trying to use ftp but nothing is coming forth. would appreciate any help asap.


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Old 06-10-2002
FTP should work for you. What error do you get when you try to do the ftp?
Have you tried from the UNIX side to the P.C. and also from the P.C. to UNIX? Do you get the same error?

Is the P.C. the same system as the UNIX system (dual boot)?

Another option may be Samba - check it out here

Or you might be able to email the file to the root account (or other local UNIX account).
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Old 06-13-2002
Thanks RTM,

Finally I was able to get the FTP command to work. But I was faced with another issue. How do you copy a list of files from the ftp command mode. The wildcard doesn't seems to work. Does anyone have an idea.

like put *.* ?

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Old 06-13-2002
Check to see if you have the mput command. Also you might want to turn off prompt(ing) which will ask you if you want to send this file for each file.
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Old 06-15-2002
FTP (Unix server to a PC)

Hi RTM...
just adding to your suggestion..
i have always done ftp (get and send) from a PC(windows) to a Unix Server..
but how to do a FTP (send/get) from a Unix Server to a PC(windows) is that possible ? unix server can ping a PC IP address but how can it FTP a file to a PC ?
i would appreciate if u have any comments/solutions
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Old 07-05-2002
the unix server could only ftp to the win computer if the win computer is running an ftp server, what would be more practical to do is to ftp to the unix server from the win computer and use the get command.
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Old 07-06-2002
thankx (more ideas)

thanks for ur reply....however

i accept that it cud be more practical to do get n send from a win PC to Unix server but if at all its the vice versa case then...what kind of FTP server my Win PC should be running so that Unix server can do get n send to the Win PC ? any idea ? is there any software available like what FTP server ???

Your reply will be appreciated...
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