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Old 06-27-2001
Question Restoring a file from Tape

help please
i have "inherited" a Sco Server (the administrator departed in a hurry...yes we are chasing him..) and haven't used Unix for 8 years.
i have a file that i need to retrieve from a tape.
i have been able to find the file on tape using the cpio -ivt command.
the problem I have is that i wish to restore the file to a different directory and i am having problems understanding the syntax of the cpio command.
would some please assist me.
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Old 06-28-2001

I would think that the command is basically the same, but on AIX the following should work;

cpio -iv "file.exttention" </dev/rmt0

the file should be restored to the current directory, if you want to create the original directory within the current directory change -iv for -idv

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Old 06-28-2001
not quite what I was after
the problem is that i dont have a test system so when i do this it will be restored into a live accounting database.
what about the following will it work?
cpio -iAcvBu -I </dev/nrStp0 ./data/accountdb/GL.AAREPORT

I think this will restore to the original directory...I need to restore to a different directory such as ./temp

any ideas?
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Old 06-29-2001
worked it out....

The major issue that i had was that the data was copied to tape using file marks..
So to pass this information onto those who may be interested in cpio...

To rewind the tape user the following command:
tape -s rewind

To advance the tape to the next file mark:
tape rfm

To check tape status:
tape status

To list what is located in the file mark:
cpio -itv </dev/nrStp0 > filelist
The you can cat or more the list to locate the file you need.

To restore a specific file from tape to the current dir:
cpio -ickvdumBI /dev/nrStp0 "%filename%"

To check the files now exist:
ls-l %filename%

To to set the access rights for the restored file:
chgrp %unname% %filename%

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