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Old 08-22-2002
Mailx question

Hy all

One application has a script with this line :

/usr/bin/mailx -f..... - etc etc ....

is there any option to set the charset to various value while using mailx ??

thanks in advance

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Old 08-23-2002
mailx or elm

There is a very good manpage for mailx. You might look there. I believe you can run some limited shell commands from within mailx. Escape to shell. and execute a command.

Also, You can look at elm. It has other options.

There is even a script that I belive Perderabo has posted that handles attachments and may do other things.


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Old 08-23-2002
You can have a .mailrc with a line like:
set charset=us-ascii
in it. I do and this works. I don't use mailx a lot. But the man page says you can set the charset variable in the environment. So you could export it prior to invoking mailx.

But this is useful only for sending mail. The -f flag is used to read mail. So I'm not sure where you're going with this.
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Old 08-26-2002
In fact, the problem is that i have a file, with french char, ( etc ....), and mailx is in charge to bring it to customers ... but the mail seems to not recognize those french char ....

hope it can be understood Smilie

and i'll try your answer

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