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Old 07-30-2002
Question serial card in SCO Unix

Does anyone know how to configure a generic serial card within SCO Unix ???? Any specific driver ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Old 07-30-2002
Generic, as in the built-in COM1/2 or something different? Check /etc/inittab for Se1A and 2A already defined at install time for /dev/tty1A and 2A. Otherwise "mkdev serial".
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Old 07-31-2002
by generic I ment .. I have a few serial cards, that are not know to be supported by SCO UNIX .. I am trying to get them to work ?
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Old 07-31-2002
hi there,

i have gone thru ur problem. U can configuration the serial card thru SCO - Admin Menu by using the scoadmin at the prompt or by using mkdev. Once u have configured, u must activate the terminal and set the baudrates. Hope, this could solve ur problem

I am also working in SCO - Unix Environment, Can U tell me what is ur version of SCO. I have drivers software for Specialix Cards(Serial Port), I am using SCO 5.0.4E openserver. if possible i will mail u.


Durga Prasad Tenneti
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Old 07-31-2002
using SCO Openserver 5.0
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Old 07-31-2002

how about modem's does anyone have any info on setting up an generic 56k modem in SCO without it being supported, or do I have to get a supported modem ? I have been trying to get generic stuff to work in SCO but it has been nothing but greif ... any help on the modem ???
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Old 08-01-2002
There's a dozen ways to skin this cat. This is how I setup modems for primarily dial-in access:

Hardware modems are best.. Not "WinModems".

Get the serial port working the modem is on, I'll assume COM1 or tty1A.

Hook the modem to a terminal or PC and set the baud rate to something appropriate (115,000bps for a 56K modem perhaps). Enter the appropriate AT commands to disable echo and result codes and turn on auto-answer. If there's a setting to "lock" the serial baud rate, enable that. If not, most of the time this is remembered by the speed the terminal or terminal emulator are running at when you do an AT&W.

Set the port in inittab something like this:
Se1A:234:respawn:/usr/lib/uucp/uugetty -t60 tty1A 6

The "6" in the gettydefs file I modified for the baud rate I wanted. Here it is set for 19,200bps which along with 115,000 isn't in the gettydefs file by default (for modems) I think:

6 # B19200 HUPCL # B19200 CS8 ORTSFL SANE HUPCL TAB3 ECHOE IXANY #login: # 6

Also notice the ORTSFL which sets CTS/RTS hardware flow control. Very important for high-speed modems.

Good luck!
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