backup command that will send e-mail to mount 2nd tape

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Old 06-13-2002
Question backup command that will send e-mail to mount 2nd tape

I'm trying to come out with a script that uses the 'backup' command to backup large filesystems. Most of the time this data takes two or three DLT tapes to complete. The backup takes too long because operations never sees the message to mount 2nd tape. I have a script that uses sysback and have an option -c to send request to a file which I then send e-mail. But 'backup' command does not have it. Please help.
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Old 06-14-2002
This is just an idea, and may not work -- you will have to try it to find out....

Setup a script that monitors the tape device using "mt". "mt -f /dev/tapedevice status" should tell you if the device is in use. Presumably if the drive is waiting for the next tape, it will return "ready" and if it is still being written, it would return "busy". Run the command on your system to determine the actual output. Create a loop which runs that command every 10 minutes (or whatever) until the drive becomes free and then send an email from the command line....
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