Backup with Pax command. How to verify tape?

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Operating Systems AIX Backup with Pax command. How to verify tape?
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Old 08-07-2009
Backup with Pax command. How to verify tape?

Dear all experts online,
In my environment of AIX 5300-07, I am currently using "pax" command to backup all filesystems that I need to backup and it will take me around 4 hours time with LTO3 tape drive.
When I need to verify the tape after backup, I am using "pax" command to list all files in the tape and it also cost me 4 hours time as well.
Is there any other way to verify the tape with a shorter time taken?

The using of "pax" command is due to there are a lot of single files are exceeded 10GB file size and I can't use "tar" for this kind of files.

Backup :
pax -wvf /dev/rmt0 './data01' './data02' './data03'

Verifying Tape :
pax -vf /dev/rmt0

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Old 08-07-2009
To keep the forums high quality for all users, please take the time to format your posts correctly.

First of all, use Code Tags when you post any code or data samples so others can easily read your code. You can easily do this by highlighting your code and then clicking on the # in the editing menu. (You can also type code tags [code] and [/code] by hand.)

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Thank You.

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Even it is not much code lines, please start using CODE tags next time.

For the pax thing, I guess there is no faster way since it will check all the contents of the tape and so with has to read it. But maybe someone else knows better, sorry.
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Old 08-11-2009
I don't see how you can avoid rereading the entire tape if you want to verify it. Only way to speed things up would be to compress the data (if you haven't already) so that there is less to read.
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