File and Directory Names become hidden

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Old 05-23-2002
Could this be a terminal i/o issue of some kind? Try "ls -l > file" and vi the file. Or even better, "ls -l | mailx someaddress" and mail it to another system for inspection.
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Old 05-24-2002
Another thing to try is:
env - /usr/bin/ksh
ls -l

The first command discard the entire environment and runs a subshell with any envirorment at all. Then the second command is just an "ls -l" being run by a shell that saw an environment. It that worked type "env" and post the results.
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Old 05-24-2002
I was reading your post and noticed the rev level of the OS (111433-02).

Possible that the level could be part of the problem as that original patch should not be on the system. It was replaced by 108528-09. Following from SunSolve:

The fix(es) delivered by Supplemental Patch 111433-02 has
been integrated into patch 108528-09.

Please install patch 108528-09 to revolve the bug(s) described
in this patch.

If 111433-02 is releady installed on your system, it is necessary
to back out 111433-02 before installing patch 108528-09.


NOTE: The fixes in this point patch are scheduled to be integrated
in the next Solaris 8 kernel update patch 108528-09.
NOTE: This patch may contain one or more OEM-specific platform ports.
See the appropriate OEM_NOTES file within the patch for
information specific to these platforms.
DO NOT INSTALL this patch on an OEM system if a corresponding
OEM_NOTES file is not present (or is present, but instructs not
to install the patch), unless the OEM vendor directs otherwise.
NOTE: Refer to Special Install Instructions section for IMPORTANT
specific information on this patch.
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Old 05-29-2002
Problem Resolved

Just in case anyone is curious, Sun Support has resolved my problem. Somehow the "ls" binary file had become corrupted. So all I had to do was copy the "ls" binary file from another machine running solaris 8 and place in my /usr/bin directory. Although, I was told this was potentially dangerous, it was also a quick fix. Thanks everyone for you help!
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