SSH and file prng_seed

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Old 05-13-2002
SSH and file prng_seed

I need some help... What use is there to the file prng_seed under Solaris?
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Old 05-16-2002

it's probably used as a seed for a random number generator (pseudo random number generator, PRNG).

In order to work, a random number generator requires a so called "seed" as input so it doesn't always output the same number.
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Old 05-16-2002
PRNG_SEED is used by ssh to create random keys to encrypt data.

A better solution is to use a /dev/random device. This uses an entropy gathering mechanism which creates random numbers which are very difficult to predict.

If you're running Solaris 8 you can install patch 112438 which will create the /dev/random device.

For 2.6 and 7 you need to install SUNWski.
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