where's solaris halt log?

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Old 02-28-2002
where's solaris halt log?

hi folks

could tell my anyone where solaris 8 stores the logs about shutdown/halt command. I found no entries in syslog, but there more logs directories.

probabaly a stupid question, but fast help would be great!

king regards,
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Old 03-01-2002
Are you looked into /var/adm/messages file ???????

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Old 03-01-2002

My problem is someone I don't know stoped the runnig server with halt command.

I found an entry in the file that you said, but where coudl I get exactly logs about IP from the user. I know wiche user is was, but its probably hacked!


kind regards,
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Old 03-01-2002
Tries the command "last | more".

You can see more about the command in the man.

"man last"

I hope help you

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Old 03-01-2002
thanks a lot!
I got the information that I'd like to get!
Someone's head will rule!

kind regards,
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Old 03-01-2002
online monitoring

aehm just one question.

is there a simple command to watch all online users, and their connection (ftp,ssh, etc...) also remote!

Or do you know a good tool for it.

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Old 03-01-2002
Tries the "who" or "w" command.

example :

root@witt01 # w
3:04pm up 33 day(s), 8:13, 6 users, load average: 3.99, 4.21, 3.55
User tty login@ idle JCPU PCPU what
eoc pts/11 12:20pm 49 rlogin eoc1sc2b
root pts/9 2:43pm 21 -ksh
eoc pts/8 9:26am 12 1:16 -ksh
eoc pts/0 12:12pm 21 -ksh
eoc pts/12 2:48pm 12 7 -ksh
eoc pts/14 12:27pm 50 -ksh

root@witt01 # who
eoc pts/11 Mar 1 12:20 (eoc1ct1a)
root pts/9 Mar 1 14:43 (SYSADM01)
eoc pts/8 Mar 1 09:26 (eocsn01)
eoc pts/0 Mar 1 12:12 (
eoc pts/12 Mar 1 14:48 (eocsn01)
eoc pts/14 Mar 1 12:27 (eoc1ct1a)
root@witt01 #


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