Installing gcc on Fedora

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Old 02-06-2014
for gmp I used

./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-cxx --enable-mpbsd

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Old 02-06-2014
And the other packages? What did you do for them?
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Old 02-06-2014
and same for mpfr. And I stopped there
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Old 02-06-2014
You cannot "update" when compiling by hand... You are ripping the floor out from underneath your package manager and trashing your existing applications. You want to install a separate version somewhere else instead.

That's why /usr/local exists, why it's the default for hand compilation.

So, you need to:

1) Uninstall all the packages you hand-installed into /usr/.
2) Reinstall the "old" versions to repair any files overwritten or deleted by your hand-installations.
3) Compile and install your packages into /usr/local/, i.e. leaving PREFIX at default.

Whenever a package complains about the version of something being too old, look carefully at its ./configure --help options and direct it to /usr/local/include or /usr/local/lib to use your custom-compiled versions.

This way, the new and old versions can co-exist.

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Old 02-06-2014
Ok, so now I installed


When doing configure on gcc-4.8.2 I need to use --with options to specify
their locations. What locations should I use?

../gcc-4.8.2/configure --with-gmp --with-mpfr  --with-mpc

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Old 02-06-2014
Depends what options you have, and where those packages installed what files. ./configure --help

Does it list the defaults for those options? Those might help.
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Old 02-06-2014
Thought I would see things in /usr/local however they are not there

Doing as you suggested gave the following

./configure --help

By default, `make install' will install all the files in
`/usr/local/bin', `/usr/local/lib' etc.

---------- Post updated at 05:25 PM ---------- Previous update was at 04:29 PM ----------

I have now installed them on /home/chrisd/local/gcc_numeric_lib/lib

../gcc-4.8.2/configure --with-gmp=/home/chrisd/local/gcc_numeric_lib/lib --with-mpfr=/home/chrisd/local/gcc_numeric_lib/lib  --with-mpc=/home/chrisd/local/gcc_numeric_lib/lib

Tried running make to get:

make && make install
make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.

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