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Old 08-24-2013
Recording stats for Comcast

The last few weeks I've had a problem with Comcast in San Francisco (anyone else sharing the same issue ? Please share !)

During the late afternoon throughout early morning hours I see a high amount of dropped packets and increased latency when pinging my favorite destinations, like

Before contacting Comcast customer support level 1000 I'd like to come prepared. What would be some quick & dirty scripts I could run to collect network stats to graph in a way that makes it easy to see what I'm experiencing ? I'm thinking a combination of ping & netstat output to generate some data files to feed into gnuplot.

Suggestions greatly appreciated Smilie
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Old 08-26-2013
quick and dirty

put this in your cron:

IP=''; # adjust per your setup
echo `date '+%Y%m%d %H:%M'` "\t" `ping -c32 $IP|grep transmit`

I had issues with T1 and running this every 10 min and pasting output into Excel helped me to prove the problem to ATT.

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