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Recording a UNIX Session

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Old 01-13-2008
Bug Recording a UNIX Session

Hi All,

I have a question regarding recording the unix sessions.

I know the recording can be done using script comman, however i want to create a daily file of unix session. Also when i open multiple sessions how will the script multiple session. Please suggest some solutions also which file i have to incorporate this changes in .profile or .cshrc file.

the file i changed is .cshrc also following entry i will be putting in the .cshrc file.

script output/`date +%Y%m%d

However when i copy something like that every second a file is created/updated and is displayed on the screen.

Please let me know the easy way

Cheers, amit

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Apache::Session::Browseable::Redis(3pm) 		User Contributed Perl Documentation		   Apache::Session::Browseable::Redis(3pm)

Apache::Session::Browseable::Redis - Add index and search methods to Apache::Session::Redis SYNOPSIS
use Apache::Session::Browseable::Redis; my $args = { server => '', # Choose your browseable fileds Index => 'uid mail', }; # Use it like Apache::Session my %session; tie %session, 'Apache::Session::Browseable::Redis', $id, $args; $session{uid} = 'me'; $session{mail} = ''; $session{unindexedField} = 'zz'; untie %session; # Apache::Session::Browseable add some global class methods # # 1) search on a field (indexed or not) my $hash = Apache::Session::Browseable::Redis->searchOn( $args, 'uid', 'me' ); foreach my $id (keys %$hash) { print $id . ":" . $hash->{$id}->{mail} . " "; } # 2) Parse all sessions # a. get all sessions my $hash = Apache::Session::Browseable::Redis->get_key_from_all_sessions(); # b. get some fields from all sessions my $hash = Apache::Session::Browseable::Redis->get_key_from_all_sessions('uid', 'mail') # c. execute something with datas from each session : # Example : get uid and mail if mail domain is my $hash = Apache::Session::Browseable::Redis->get_key_from_all_sessions( sub { my ( $session, $id ) = @_; if ( $session->{mail} =~ /$/ ) { return { $session->{uid}, $session->{mail} }; } } ); foreach my $id (keys %$hash) { print $id . ":" . $hash->{$id}->{uid} . "=>" . $hash->{$id}->{mail} . " "; } DESCRIPTION
Apache::Session::browseable provides some class methods to manipulate all sessions and add the capability to index some fields to make research faster. SEE ALSO
Apache::Session AUTHOR
Copyright (C) 2009 by Xavier Guimard This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.10.1 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available. perl v5.14.2 2010-12-08 Apache::Session::Browseable::Redis(3pm)

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