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Old 09-21-2001
setup internet connection


i was wondering if someone out there can help me setup my internet connection.... i have no clue how to set it up.. could you please tell me step by step how to set it up.. i have a static ip, im using a cable modem to connect. my os is solaris 8. Please email me at or reply to this thread..thankyou for your time.Smilie
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Old 09-26-2001
Most cable modems assign the IP address using DCHP so
all you need to do is touch a file in /etc/ as follows

touch /etc/dhcp.hme0

if your interface card is hme0 or what ever interface you are using.

Hope this helps
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Old 09-26-2001
and more than that...

Here we go:

You got lots on your hands for what your experience level appears to be. If you have a static ip, and you want to assign it, my first advice is "man ifconfig", that will get you started. Mostly this is going to look like, "ifconfig le0 -netmask". Now you have your ip set, but you've got nowhere to go, U-Neda-Route...
This is usually, and you NEED to know what your default gateway/router is here, "route add default". This can be automatically set in the /etc/defaultrouter file in Solaris, at least it used to be, just put the ip in there.
A quick "netstat -nr" should tell you what your routes are and from which interfaces and such. Take a look.
Now, you are needing even more, you must "resolv" your problems further. So, I'd look at /etc/resolv.conf, then I'd add in my lines:

Now, you have resolv, but do you know to look at it? NO!! You must go too find out where you can look at reolver versus local resolution. This is in nsswitch.conf, and here you must consult the man page, but mostly it will ask you in what order you want to look at things for resolving. When it comes to hostname, you want ot look at files, then network, then whatever else you may run.
I think the ifconfig will be permanent, but just to be safe, read the man page, they are sometimes cryptic, but a MUST for anyone who wants to know what they are doing.

You must also have an editor you are comfortable with for this, if this tells you about me, I like any old vi....

As a matter of fact, read the man page for each command mentioned above, they will all help immmensely, and you may come across some info you've been looking for....


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