Slow printing to network printers using CUPS

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Old 06-28-2012
Slow printing to network printers using CUPS

Hi Guys,

I've inherited a mess of an infrastructure in my new job, there hasn't been a sys admin in post for about a year, so things are falling apart. The first thing to break after I started was the printer server. I have it working again, and people can print, however it's very slow, slower than before.

I set up cups/samba from scratch so that windows users can simply access the server share, double click on the printer and then use that printer.

I did this using the cups-windows drivers and it works, however it's so slow with pdfs that it is unreal, ~3mins per page for some things.

My assumption is that it is the printer drivers, but that's just a guess since nothing on the printers have been changed. (They're Konika bizhub printers). In the last week I've been searching for a way to install the vendor drivers to the print server, but I haven't found a way yet.

Any help to diagnose what is happening or to install the drivers would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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lpstat(1)							    Apple Inc.								 lpstat(1)

lpstat - print cups status information SYNOPSIS
lpstat [ -E ] [ -H ] [ -U username ] [ -h hostname[:port] ] [ -l ] [ -W which-jobs ] [ -a [ destination(s) ] ] [ -c [ class(es) ] ] [ -d ] [ -e ] [ -o [ destination(s) ] ] [ -p [ printer(s) ] ] [ -r ] [ -R ] [ -s ] [ -t ] [ -u [ user(s) ] ] [ -v [ printer(s) ] ] DESCRIPTION
lpstat displays status information about the current classes, jobs, and printers. When run with no arguments, lpstat will list active jobs queued by the current user. OPTIONS
The lpstat command supports the following options: -E Forces encryption when connecting to the server. -H Shows the server hostname and port. -R Shows the ranking of print jobs. -U username Specifies an alternate username. -W which-jobs Specifies which jobs to show, "completed" or "not-completed" (the default). This option must appear before the -o option and/or any printer names, otherwise the default ("not-completed") value will be used in the request to the scheduler. -a [printer(s)] Shows the accepting state of printer queues. If no printers are specified then all printers are listed. -c [class(es)] Shows the printer classes and the printers that belong to them. If no classes are specified then all classes are listed. -d Shows the current default destination. -e Shows all available destinations on the local network. -h server[:port] Specifies an alternate server. -l Shows a long listing of printers, classes, or jobs. -o [destination(s)] Shows the jobs queued on the specified destinations. If no destinations are specified all jobs are shown. -p [printer(s)] Shows the printers and whether they are enabled for printing. If no printers are specified then all printers are listed. -r Shows whether the CUPS server is running. -s Shows a status summary, including the default destination, a list of classes and their member printers, and a list of printers and their associated devices. This is equivalent to using the -d, -c, and -v options. -t Shows all status information. This is equivalent to using the -r, -d, -c, -v, -a, -p, and -o options. -u [user(s)] Shows a list of print jobs queued by the specified users. If no users are specified, lists the jobs queued by the current user. -v [printer(s)] Shows the printers and what device they are attached to. If no printers are specified then all printers are listed. CONFORMING TO
Unlike the System V printing system, CUPS allows printer names to contain any printable character except SPACE, TAB, "/", and "#". Also, printer and class names are not case-sensitive. The -h, -e, -E, -U, and -W options are unique to CUPS. The Solaris -f, -P, and -S options are silently ignored. SEE ALSO
cancel(1), lp(1), lpq(1), lpr(1), lprm(1), CUPS Online Help (http://localhost:631/help) COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2007-2017 by Apple Inc. 26 May 2017 CUPS lpstat(1)

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