how do I get the value of expr with ksh

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Old 08-24-2001
how do I get the value of expr with ksh


I have written a korn shell script to compute the value of k.

formulae :


my shell script is :

k=`expr (($a + $b ) * $c )`
echo $k

### here paranthesis ( ) not accepting by expr function.
### if i remove paranthesis, the value will be 610(wrong)
### but the actual value should be 900

please give me solution to


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Old 08-24-2001
Hi Krisna,

try it with "let"


let k="($a + $b) * $c"


Smilie greetings
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Old 08-25-2001
KSH Maths

Why using 'expr' if you can use the built-in KSH math functions instead:

k=$ ((($a+$b)*$c )))
echo $k

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Old 08-26-2001
using expr

"expr" evaluates 2 and only 2 expressions.
In order to accomplish what you want to do
using "expr" you need to nest expr's and
of course, remember to "escape" the speecial
characters. An example would be...

echo `expr \`expr 1 + 2\` \* 3`

This expression, when run at the command
prompt, should yield 9. Of course, if you
are using ksh and not planning on running
a different shell, I would stick with the
ksh built-in capabilities.
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