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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat how to use expr
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Old 11-30-2007
Java how to use expr

i am new to shell programming, currently using redhat linux of version
i have problem in executing expr command in the following shell script

$ x=5
$ x='expr $x + 1'
$ echo $x

the output is displaying always
expr $x + 1

Pls guide me for the above query
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Old 11-30-2007
how to use expr

You need to use back tics not single quotes

x=`expr $x + 1`
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Old 01-05-2009
I tried to use expr for multiplication, but got an error. I used '*' symbol. Can you tell me what's the problem, or if there is another way? Thanks
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Old 01-05-2009
escape the * it is a shell metacharacter
a=$( expr 13 \* 3)
# or
a=`expr 13 \* 3`

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