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3510 Disk Array Problem

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Old 08-18-2009
3510 Disk Array Problem

I have a 3510 disk array attached to a T2000 server.
The dmesg command shows disk error as follows and is generated a couple of times during the day

Aug 18 03:35:51 myserver SUNWscsdMonitor[575]: [ID 373880 daemon.error] [SUNWscsd 0x030B1E00:0x01000216 Informational] <rctrl6042> Standard General Event, CHL:2 ID:22 Drive NOTICE: Drive Recovered Error - 5F8E1F (01/18/07).[info: 4B8-01191B5B3] (Secondary, Mon Aug 17 17:07:36 2009) {Unique ID#: 003fb3}

I have done an iostat such as follows but it is showing the logical drives

 ---- errors ---
  s/w h/w trn tot
    2   0   0   2 c0t0d0
    5   1   7  13 c1t0d0
    1   2   0   3 c6t600C0FF000000000003FB36EDC23A809d0
    1   3   2   6 c6t600C0FF000000000003FB36EDC23A808d0
    1   2   0   3 c6t600C0FF000000000003FB36EDC23A807d0
    1   2   0   3 c6t600C0FF000000000003FB36EDC23A806d0
    1   3   1   5 c6t600C0FF000000000003FB36EDC23A805d0
    1   3   2   6 c6t600C0FF000000000003FB36EDC23A804d0
    1   2   0   3 c6t600C0FF000000000003FB36EDC23A803d0
    1   5   4  10 c6t600C0FF000000000003FB36EDC23A802d0
    1   4   2   7 c6t600C0FF000000000003FB36EDC23A801d0
   65   6   2  73 c6t600C0FF000000000003FB36EDC23A800d0

My question is how do I find out what is the underlying physical drive that is giving the problem.

From sccli or by any other command set how do I pin point the WWN or the location of the drive giving the problem.

Kindly assist


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Old 08-18-2009
you have to take a look at the 3510... the mapped devices are volumes from the 3510, so you have to look there...

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