KDE & Gnome, wat is the difference?

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Old 09-01-2002
Question KDE & Gnome, wat is the difference?

i have been reading some atticles but i still do not understand the diferrence btw KDE & Gnome. Someone once told me he prefers Gnome to KDE 'coz of it's audio support & Redhat says ver 7.3 has KDE 3.0 & Gnome 1.4. So could someone explain?
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Old 09-01-2002
kde and gnome are like front ends to the xfree86 gui server. xfree86 is what unix users use to provide a Graphical User Interface. kde and gnome are just two different programs that you can download and install and use them as your gui. some people like one over the other because one may have more options like customization, while still others prefer one over the other because of its stability, it comes down to your personal prefrence.
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Old 09-05-2002
The truth is that it is same story told by to different people, KDE is more flashy when GNOME more stable, speed is almost this some(Gnome slightly faster). There is much more choices. This two managers are the ones that mimic closely windows kind of behaviour. If u recent configuration(i'm thinking about ~ pIII and 128mb of RAM) go for it, if it is anything below(like celeron 766 with 64shared - bloody thing!!) try GNU Window maker, Blackbox, Afterstep or Fluxbox. They have the real feel of Unix, and looks groove.

Good luck mate!
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