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Old 08-30-2002

hi there,

i am not quite sure, if this belongs here...

well, since wednesday i am using an xterminal from HP. it is connectet to another pc (as it should be), that pc is used by others, too.
My problem is, that everytime i run mozilla (doesn't matter if new or old version, i tryed both) and open more than two windows, it just closes. The same with OpenOffice.
Gernerlly I can say, if i use to much grafic it breaks down.
On the pc my KDE is then using a 100% cpu time.

My chef says, it is just mozilla, for the xterminal just gets the grafic and puts it to the monitor.

but i guess it is some sort of buffer overflow...

i have no experience with xterminals...
...but it is really hard for me to work on an half runnig system.

so if anybody has an idea what i could do (besides suggesting i should use a normal pc), i'd be more than glad
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Old 08-30-2002
...while i am on it...

...where do i configure my settings?
well i did the normal configuration, but i got problems with my keyboard, too.
I can't use a German Keyboard, because some keys won't work.
Now I am using the american ASCI keyboard (at least the conifg widnow says that)

but i can't use my right-arrow. when i push it, i get to the kde 'start application'.

where can i change that?
('cause it really sucks working like that, for I work with vi...)

sorry for bothering y'all.

and thanks
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Old 09-01-2002
How much memory does your HP Xterminal have?
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Old 09-02-2002

my terminal says it has:
4096 kb Base RAM
6144 kb Expansion RAM
2048 kb Video RAM


hope that helps
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Old 09-02-2002

i think the RAM size is the problem
4 MB is way too small for running KDE.
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Old 09-02-2002

But with the expansion RAM it has a total of 10MB.
and it is not running KDE, that is on the server, it just shows the graphic.
(that's what I was told)

I thought maybe the 2MB for Grafic would be too little, 'cause wenn i switch to desktop 2 it takes a long time, till it is loaded...


thx for all the help
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