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Old 07-18-2002
Well that is true, but its a heck of a deal. If your total system hardware cost is 3-500 bucks (given that a lot of us run the various Unices on what amounts to cast-off systems, for personal use anyway) and the OS and software are free, a 50-100 Dollar (US) driver is pretty cheap.

If you are in a Corporate Environment then 100 Dollars is nothing, and sound probably not that important either.

If you are doing it for a hobby on a "Home" system, its just a part of the cost of the hobby, whether its fuel for a model plane or a faster processor or a custom driver, its all part of the cost of the hobby.

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UPDATE-PROFILE-CACHE(1) 				      General Commands Manual					   UPDATE-PROFILE-CACHE(1)

update-profile-cache - (re)generate profile assignment cache SYNOPSIS
update-profile-cache DESCRIPTION
Running this script (re)generates the cache of profile assignments used by desktop-profiles. By default this script is run automatically once a day by a cron script. NOTE: No cache of assignments will be generated in cases where cache use isn't supported by desktop-profiles (at the moment caching pro- file assingments is only supported in the simple case when no group or command requirements are used for activation of profiles, i.e. when we have a static machine-wide profile assignment). FILES
/etc/desktop-profiles/*.listing - Files containing the metadata about installed profiles /etc/default/desktop-profiles - File containing default settings for this script AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Bart Cornelis <>. SEE ALSO
desktop-profiles(7), profiles-manager(1), list-desktop-profiles(1) desktop-profiles December 13, 2006 UPDATE-PROFILE-CACHE(1)

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