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Old 05-05-2002
Hammer & Screwdriver Anybody???

Hello All,
As of this point, nobody has replied to my other post regarding bsd. That is totally cool, but did i post it wrong? Or do you all understand my question?? Any response would be great!! I'm really feeling the love coming from the world of UNIX and i dig it but I am in search of very basic knowledgeSmilie
Thank you all and peace out!!
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Old 05-07-2002
I don't know (look at

can you try to e-mail to:
misc (in the body)

To subscribe to a given list, send mail to with a message body of "subscribe mailing-list-name".

Important announcements. This low volume list is excellent for people who just want occasional news about the project.
Security announcements. This low volume list receives OpenBSD security advisories and pointers to security patches as they become available.
User questions and answers, general questions. This is the most active list. Please read the FAQ and the installation documents before you post.
Technical topics for OpenBSD developers and advanced users. Please direct 'new user' and installation-related questions to misc. Please do not cross-post to both misc and tech.
Bug reports as sent in via sendbug(1) and follow-up discussions.
Automated mailout of CVS source tree changes.
Discussions about using and contributing to the 'ports' source tree.
Automated mailout of ports-specific CVS source tree changes.
Discussions about OpenBSD IP version 6.
Promoting the use of OpenBSD. Non-technical discussions in misc often get shunted here.
Discussion of Symmetric Multi-Processing design and implementation on OpenBSD.
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Old 05-21-2002
Im not sure about the second post, as for the first post, Jlage cant understand your question..

Originally Posted by Jlage
Hello All,
As of this point, nobody has replied to my other post regarding bsd
If this is a follow up from another post, pls use the funtion "Post Reply" on that particular thread, try not to Create another thread with less information.
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