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Old 05-04-2002
Question Question regarding BSD:)

Hello All!
I am a macintosh user and I am starting to get into using UNIX through Mac OS X which is installed on a partition all to itself. I am having alot of fun just looking through directories and learning about it on the internet, and i have come across BSD alot. I went to and it tells me where i can get it and what not, but here is my question to you all: What is it? compared to os x?, how do i install it, and can it run on a macintosh with a drive formated in mac os extended( i believe that is what it is, what ever comes standardSmilie Any help in this area would be much appreciated!
Thank You,
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Old 05-06-2002
BSD is just another variant of Unix, based on the "Berkeley Standard Distribution". FreeBSD has versions which will run on just about any hardware platform (including Apple, I believe). Go to to find out more info.
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Old 05-12-2002
Unfourtunatly. FreeBSD does NOT run on a Macintosh, either G4. G3, PPC, or 68K. It will only run on a i386 (pentium) computer or Alpha. Rather similar to FreeBSD is NetBSD, that is designed to run on almost everycomputer imaginable. It DOES support ALL of the mac processors I talked about up there, goto They have a wonderful install guide
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Old 05-12-2002
Also, if im not mistaken. the OS X kernel, Darwin is based on FreeBSD 3.3.6, but heavily modified, and compiled from source for the M<ac architechture
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