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Old 02-12-2002
Question Graphics And Animation

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Old 02-12-2002
I am not exactly sure what you mean by "other unix"
languages but I will answer the question for C.

Graphics/computations can be a very CPU intensive

Most of the unix kernel and daemons are written in the C programming language.

Kernel is the central "core" of unix. Users interact with
the kernel using shells. Calls to the kernel are made directly through the C library.

C can be considered native to unix and thus efficient,
which is probably one the reasons why it is good for

What other Unix languages were you thinking of ?

Best Wishes.
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Old 02-13-2002

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Old 02-13-2002
First off, please do not post in all caps.

Next, I don't really understand what exactly you're asking.
Are you wanting to know which languages are used for 3d animation? Or why one is better than the other?
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Old 02-15-2002

I would like to know which languager are used,why.and where to get information for beginners on these languages. Languages I have seen listed for animation are: csh scripting,awk/sed,tcl/tk,C/C++/&PERL. If you know any chatrooms that might be helpful, that info would also be great.
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Old 02-16-2002
csh - C Shell, mainly shell scripting

awk/sed - more of pattern matching, regular expressions, string manipulation and substitution types of commands

tcl/tk - Tool Command Language/Tool Kit
PERL - Practical Extraction Language
tcl/tk and Perl are more or less both programming languages
used for scripting, application programming. Perl/Cgi has been
used for web scripting as a companion to HTML. perl can also
interface with databases such as Oracle, Sybase, mySQL, etc.
I have not used tcl/tk, but I believe it is like Perl and in addition
you can do some GUI (Graphical User Interface) development
with it.

C/C++ are programming languages, as we talked before.

Hopefully this help.

I would suggest that you search on yahoo, lycos, etc. to find more relevant information for what you are looking for or try to
buy some Unix (Applications) books, etc.

Best Wishes
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