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beryl / compiz / metisse 5 17.86%
fluxbox 4 14.29%
fvwm 4 14.29%
icewm 4 14.29%
blackbox 3 10.71%
mwm 3 10.71%
openbox 3 10.71%
window maker 3 10.71%
dtwm 2 7.14%
ion / dwm / wmii / ratpoison 1 3.57%
pekwm 1 3.57%
twm 1 3.57%
4dwm 0 0%
e16 / e17 0 0%
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# 8  
Old 11-04-2007
I like mwm most. First, because it has (on AIX, where i work most) no "virtual screens", which i dislike. I like physical screens and can't have enough of them - a workplace with 3 screens (preferably 22" CRTs, not that TFT crap) is what it takes to make me happy. Virtual screens, though - is like having the picture of a cup on the wall instead of having a cup of coffee for real.

Second, it hasn't that many "features" like fvwm, etc.. Yes, its quite "barebone", but that means it is easily and quickly configured and not like fvwm, where you have to compose a 5000-line document just to change the colours of the window frames. Right-click-into-the-root-window to fire up the menu (which is easily constructed) is all the functionality i ever needed and will need. More would be just confusing for a simple mind like me.

Third: it is aesthetically pleasing to look at it. Maybe its me but i simply like its elegant look.

# 9  
Old 02-16-2008
no sawfish! I use FVWM, Fluxbox, IceWM and WindowMaker too when I feel like something different, but by far I use Sawfish the most.
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