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Old 07-28-2011
Bug Identify server.database connection

Good afternoon

i need your help, i am new at unix, in a ETL scenario like datastage is , there are a bunch of procesess (script shells) conecting to hetereogenius database source servers in order to extract information.

Ive got 2 questions
1. Using unix how can i identify exactly the established connection to the databaserver (using netstat command or any other command?)
2. how can i identify the database connection ?

Id appreciate your help
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Old 07-29-2011
netstat is probably the best way to go. Use some combination of grep-ing for certain patterns, like obvious connection strings, port number, etc.
For example:
netstat -na | grep 1521

should provide output whether a connection is being established on port 1521, which is the default Oracle Listener port. Just use your DB server specifics to manage the part after the grep.

Another possibility would be "lsof" if you have it installed, check its man pages.
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