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Old 01-14-2002
Question Database connection

I have very limited experience in UNIX, I have couple questions about database connection in C programs.
I used to use pro*C to setup database connection to a remote Oracle server when I was in school about 2 yrs ago, is this method still in use in commercial C programs nowdays? And how to make connection to remote Sybase or SQL server in C program on UNIX? Do those DB provide any lib to setup conection? Thanks guys!

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Old 01-15-2002
Which method are you talking about? Commercially, Pro*C is still used to connect to Oracle.

To connect to Sybase or MS-SQL Server, you can use DB-Library

You can search the net for Online documentation on these.
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Old 01-15-2002
hI! shaik786,

Thank you! That's what I want to know. Actually I am a windows programmer and working on UNIX. On windows, there are COMs or some DLLs handle DB connections. I don't know a lot about same issue on UNIX, I just know Pro*C, but I am going to make a financial software which I believe that Sybase could serve better. so ... confused. Are those DB-Libs provided by or come with DB products? Or they are native to system? and can you give an example as clue so I can search it on net? I appreciate!

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