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Old 11-05-2009
about flightgear

hi, how to read .btg files as its in binary format. I m trying to put X-Plane terrain in FlightGear. X-Plane contains .ter files in Windows and FlightGear contains .stg files in Linux. In X-Plane .dsf is in binary format and in FlightGear its .btg. I converted .dsf files into .txt format for my understanding and now my next aim is to convert .btg into .txt format. I want to knw how to convert the file. Is there any tool for conversion so that i can proceed further.

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Terrain generator for tracks(6) 				       Games					   Terrain generator for tracks(6)

trackgen - Terrain generator for tracks SYNTAX
trackgen -c category -n name [-a] [-m] [-s] [-S] [-E <n> [-H <nb>]] DESCRIPTION
This manual describes the Ac3d compiler application that is shipped with the game TORCS. OPTIONS
-c category track category (road, oval, dirt...) -n name track name -b draw bump track -B Don't use terrain border (relief supplied int clockwise, ext CC) -a draw all (default is track only) -s split the track and the terrain -S split all -E <n> save elevation file n 0: all elevatation files 1: elevation file of terrain + track 2: elevation file of terrain with track white 3: track only 4: track elevations with height steps -H <nb> nb of height steps for 4th elevation file [30] SEE ALSO
torcs(6) AUTHOR
This manual page was writen by Rudy Godoy <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). Rudy Godoy 1.2 Terrain generator for tracks(6)

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