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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu libxml2-dev
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Old 07-23-2009

Hi again,

I use Ubuntu 8.10. I could not install xml-config. Although libxml2-dev is installed, ./configure cannot find xml-config.

Help me out please...

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Old 07-23-2009
It might want libxml-dev, not libxml2-dev. In which case you'd probably want libxml too.
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Old 07-23-2009
run dpkg -S on libxml2-dev (full path) and see. They are probably part of different packages
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Old 07-24-2009
Thanks a lot!

libxml2-dev seems to be in

(perhaps this is not the place it should be)

I ran dpkg -S /usr/share/doc/libxml2-dev. It is in the path I wrote above.

What do I do now?
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Old 07-24-2009
The command I gave should inform you of which package installed the selected file. That way, there should be no confusion as to whether it is the package you require or not. You can probably use apt-file to figure out which package provides the file you want.
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Old 07-24-2009
Perhaps I should tell that I am quite new into using Linux.Smilie

Is apt-file used like

sudo apt-file xml-config

to find which packages have xml-config?

---------- Post updated at 12:59 PM ---------- Previous update was at 12:56 PM ----------

Ok, ignore my above message. I found out how to use apt-file.

It does not find xml-config anywhere.
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Old 07-24-2009
Originally Posted by apprentice
It does not find xml-config anywhere.
Obviously not, or you would have it and it would work. Have you tried installing libxml and libxml-dev?
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