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Old 07-24-2009
Hi, Synaptic cannot find libxml and libxml-dev.
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XGFCONFIG(1)						      General Commands Manual						      XGFCONFIG(1)

xgfconfig - configuration program for Xgridfit SYNOPSIS
xgfconfig options [list] DESCRIPTION
Xgfconfig selects XSLT processors and RELAX NG validators for Xgridfit to use; it can also be used to specify a new Xgridfit base direc- tory. Xgridfit maintains lists of validators and processors; on starting, it consults these lists and runs the first validator and processor it can find. Xgfconfig reorders these lists so that your preferred programs are looked for first. Xgfconfig may be invoked in one of these forms: $ xgfconfig --processors processor-list $ xgfconfig --validators validator-list $ xgfconfig --xgridfit-dir /xgridfit/directory $ xgfconfig --show The first of these selects processors (one or more of libxslt, lxml, xsltproc, saxon-6, saxon-9, xalan-j, xalan-c, 4xslt); the second selects validators (one or more of libxml2, lxml, jing, msv, rnv); the third specifies a complete path to the Xgridfit base directory (use it if you have installed Xgridfit in your own account rather than system wide); the fourth displays the current configuration. Several of the processors and validators that Xgridfit knows about are Java programs; for these, Xgridfit needs the name and location of a .jar file (by default it assumes certain standard file names, found in /usr/share/java). Specify this with a hash-mark followed by a com- plete path-name for the file. Here are sample command lines: $ xgfconfig -p saxon-9#/usr/local/share/java/saxon9he.jar lxml $ xgfconfig --config=config.xml -V rnv msv#/home/me/java/msv.jar The second of these commands stores the configuration in the file config.xml in the current directory. (When it starts, Xgridfit looks first for a file config.xml in the current directory; failing that, it looks for ~/.xgridfit/config.xml (Linux/Mac) or some-path (Windows); finally it looks in the Xgridfit base directory before giving up and using the default configuration.) An Xgridfit configuration file is a simple XML file, easily editable by users. The entries in it should be all but self-explanatory. OPTIONS
--config The configuration file to read or write. If this is not specified, Xgfconfig will search in the standard places (see above) for an existing configuration file for which the user has write privileges. Failing that, it will create a configuration file in the directory ~/.xgridfit (Linux/Mac) or some-dir (Windows). If the user is root or has administrative privileges, Xgfconfig will create the file in the Xgridfit base directory. -h, --help Display a help message and exit. -p, --processors The list following the options is a list of processors. -s, --show Display the current configuration and exit. -V, --validators The list following the options is a list of validators. -x, --xgridfit-dir Following the options is the full pathname of the Xgridfit base directory. SEE ALSO
fontforge(1), xgridfit(1), ttx2xgf(1), xgfupdate(1). AUTHOR
Xgfconfig was written by Peter Baker <>. This manual page was written by Peter Baker 2010-01-16 XGFCONFIG(1)