aggregate_methods_by_list - Selective dynamic class methods aggregation to an object

void aggregate_methods_by_list (object $object, string $class_name, array $methods_list, [bool $exclude = false]) DESCRIPTION
Aggregates methods from a class to an existing object using a list of method names. The class constructor or methods whose names start with an underscore character (_), which are considered private to the aggregated class, are always excluded. PARAMETERS
o $object - o $class_name - o $methods_list - o $exclude - The optional parameter $exclude is used to decide whether the list contains the names of methods to include in the aggregation (i.e. $exclude is FALSE), or to exclude from the aggregation ($exclude is TRUE). RETURN VALUES
No value is returned. SEE ALSO
aggregate(3), aggregate_info(3), aggregate_methods(3), aggregate_methods_by_regexp(3), aggregate_properties(3), aggregate_proper- ties_by_list(3), aggregate_properties_by_regexp(3), deaggregate(3). PHP Documentation Group AGGREGATE_METHODS_BY_LIST(3)

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