tar: how to exclude subdirectories?

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Old 10-15-2002

Well, using the find files ! -type d -print | egrep 'test/' > listing.txt
and then tar cvfX /dev/rmt/0 listing.txt files worked.

Was hoping to find an easier way, but if it works I'll use it!

Thanks so much
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TAR(1)							      General Commands Manual							    TAR(1)

tar - archiver SYNOPSIS
tar key [ file ... ] DESCRIPTION
Tar saves and restores file trees. It is most often used to transport a tree of files from one system to another. The key is a string that contains at most one function letter plus optional modifiers. Other arguments to the command are names of files or directories to be dumped or restored. A directory name implies all the contained files and subdirectories (recursively). The function is one of the following letters: c Create a new archive with the given files as contents. x Extract the named files from the archive. If a file is a directory, the directory is extracted recursively. Modes are restored if possible. If no file argument is given, extract the entire archive. If the archive contains multiple entries for a file, the lat- est one wins. t List all occurrences of each file in the archive, or of all files if there are no file arguments. r The named files are appended to the archive. The modifiers are: v (verbose) Print the name of each file treated preceded by the function letter. With t, give more details about the archive entries. f Use the next argument as the name of the archive instead of the default standard input (for keys x and t) or standard output (for keys c and r). u Use the next (numeric) argument as the user id for files in the output archive. This is only useful when moving files to a non-Plan 9 system. g Use the next (numeric) argument as the group id for files in the output archive. EXAMPLES
Tar can be used to copy hierarchies thus: {cd fromdir; tar c .} | {cd todir; tar x} SOURCE
/sys/src/cmd/tar.c SEE ALSO
ar(1), bundle(1), tapefs(1) BUGS
There is no way to ask for any but the last occurrence of a file. File path names are limited to 100 characters. The tar format allows specification of links and symbolic links, concepts foreign to Plan 9: they are ignored. TAR(1)