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Operating Systems Solaris syslog message..!
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Old 11-05-2007
Bug syslog message..!

I got my system sun fire 6800 hung later reboot after generating these message can any one help me on this to review these message..!!
nfssrv: [ID 694464 kern.warning] WARNING: nfsauth upcall failed: RPC: Operation in progress
mountd[664]: [ID 676604 daemon.error] cannot accept connection: 19: error unknown (current state -1)
KAVE00166-W The Store service is delayed and the load on the service is high. Revise the collection items and the collection intervals. (queue length=1)
using kernel phase-lock loop 0041, drift correction 0.00000

I am unable to diag the problem with the system... can anyone please put his/her valuable remarks on these .
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Old 11-05-2007
It can bee a problem with nfs.
May be a important file system can not be mounted or is damaged.
To start the system use the single user mode.

You implemented disksuite?(Is the system mirrored)

We need more information about the system please provide us the /etc/vfstab!
and a prtdiag -v

Best regards
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Old 11-05-2007
Bug re:syslog message

Thanks joerg for thanking interest in my call.

There is no hardware error wht i have diagnosed from the systemn log. But wht making me weird is mpanic message of cpu
using kernel phase-lock loop 0041, drift correction 0.00000
wht does this mean more over there has been a var/crash/ generated is there any simple method to understand these crashes.. i dont no how ot get the mdb or adb cmd workout with these message..!

Can u help me on this ..!! i m looking forward for ur reply..
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Old 11-05-2007
Power Ok!

It is a little bit complicated to to lead you thru this because of my own small knowledge about this topics. But we can try it.
First of all we have to open then core files:
/var/crash/<name of the host>/

mdb -k unix.0 vmcore.0

$r <type and return and with space to the next .

Find the %pc Register
something like : %pc = 0x00008732873ff56 open_+4x66
The underlined part is important.

Now we have to disassemble the command which cause the problem.

panic_thread/K Simple type it and dont ask me!

You got a line with a HEX address put this address:

Loking for a raw with procp inside and catch the seconed HEX address for the next command:


This shows you the command and the arguments which runs at the moment the system crashed.
But this is not implicitly the root cause!!!
It can be a hardware(CPU or memory) error that cause the crash at the moment the process start. In most cases the problem is a memory error!

I hope this could help you!

But don't ask me to much about this topics!

Best regards
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Old 11-05-2007
re:syslog message

Hi joerg, I got the panuc message but unable to get through the addess$> line it says
failed to dereference symbol: unknown symbol name

I think the syntax is getting somewhere wronge ..can u guide further on this ..
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Old 11-05-2007
Please post the complete lines!
Best regards
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Old 11-05-2007
re:syslog message

as per your guideline i followed but unable to get the address$<thread stuff done ..see wht happen if i try to do it

%tba = 0x0000000000000000
%tt = 0x17f
%tl = 0x0
%pil = 0xf
%pstate = 0x016 cle=0 tle=0 mm=TSO red=0 pef=1 am=0 priv=1 ie=1 ag=0

%cwp = 0x06 %cansave = 0x00
%canrestore = 0x00 %otherwin = 0x00
%wstate = 0x00 %cleanwin = 0x00
> panic_thread/K
panic_thread: 2a10004fcc0
> address$<2a10004fcc0
mdb: failed to dereference symbol: unknown symbol name
> 2a10004fcc0
0x2a10004fcc0: 2a100047cc0
> address$<thread
mdb: failed to dereference symbol: unknown symbol name
can u drive me through this..
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