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uupick and uucp

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Operating Systems Solaris uupick and uucp
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Old 10-16-2007
uupick and uucp

Files are being transfered using uucp command in the directory

When I was using solaris 2.6, I was not getting any error while changing the file ownership or file permission. Now I have upgraded the OS from soalris 2.6 to solaris 2.9. But now I am getting the below error while changing the file permission or file owner ship.
chgrp: /usr/spool/uucppublic/receive/wes/nrserv3/wesso3581: Not owner
chgrp: /usr/spool/uucppublic/receive/wes/nrserv3/wesso3582: Not owner
chgrp: /usr/spool/uucppublic/receive/wes/nrserv3/wesso3583: Not owner
chmod: WARNING: can't change /usr/spool/uucppublic/receive/wes/nrserv3/wesso3581
chmod: WARNING: can't change /usr/spool/uucppublic/receive/wes/nrserv3/wesso3582
chmod: WARNING: can't change /usr/spool/uucppublic/receive/wes/nrserv3/wesso3583

Please help me how to resolve this issue.


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uusched(1M)						  System Administration Commands					       uusched(1M)

uusched - uucp file transport program scheduler SYNOPSIS
/usr/lib/uucp/uusched [-u debug-level] [-x debug-level] DESCRIPTION
uusched is the uucp(1C) file transport scheduler. It is usually started by the daemon uudemon.hour that is started by cron(1M) from an entry in user uucp's crontab file: 11,41 * * * * /etc/uucp/uucp/uudemon.hour OPTIONS
The options are for debugging purposes only. debug-level is a number between 0 and 9. Higher numbers give more detailed debugging infor- mation: The following options are supported: -u debug-level Passes the -u debug-level option uucico(1M) as -x debug-level. -x debug-level Outputs debugging messages from uusched. FILES
/etc/uucp/Devices /etc/uucp/Permissions /etc/uucp/Systems /var/spool/locks/* /var/spool/uucp/* /var/spool/uucppublic/* ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWbnuu | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
uucp(1C), uustat(1C), uux(1C), cron(1M), uucico(1M), attributes(5) SunOS 5.11 19 May 1993 uusched(1M)

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