Solaris 10 installaion problem in X86

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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris 10 installaion problem in X86
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Old 10-12-2007
Solaris 10 installaion problem in X86


I have x86 machine with P4, 512 MB with 17" ViewSonic TFT screen. I installed Solaris 10 and i am geeting the error messages like "Notice: failed to initialize inband hot plug controllers." while booting. Later am getting the shrinked window in single line.

I thought itd because of video settins, i tried kdmconfig (or)/usr/X11/bin/Xorg commands in Fail safe mode. But its not working. Its giving the error message "/X[139]: /usr/X11/bin/Xorg: not found". Please anyone help me on this installation.
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Old 10-15-2007

first of all please tell us the version of Solaris you try to install!

But if You have problems with the installed hardware please searching for the HCL List of sun, for support of hardware components
Sun Microsystems - BigAdmin - Solaris OS: Hardware Compatibility List

My hint is too use the Opensolaris Version you can find it there:
Home at

Best regards
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Old 10-15-2007
Its Solaris 10
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Old 10-15-2007
Thats true! It is Solaris 10

If someone ask you abbout the Version Please send them the output of

more /etc/release

Solaris 10 8/07 s10s_u4wos_12b SPARC
Copyright 2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Use is subject to license terms.
Assembled 16 August 2007

Solaris 10 has many Versions !

Best regards
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Old 10-18-2007
Without getting in the console or terminal i cann't find the exact version. Now i nstalled fully with 32bit. Its continuosly rebboting.
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