Jumpstart with image problem

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Operating Systems Solaris Jumpstart with image problem
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Old 10-11-2007
Jumpstart with image problem


I did this perfectly fine with S10Update3. But with S10Update4 something is strange
a) For some reason when I am moving to Update 4, it keeps prompting for name service etc etc. But this goes away if I give nfs4_domain=dynamic in the sysidcfg file. This was not happening for Update3. Any clues?

b) Also, initially a master image is created as a .flar. And this is used to populate the target server. But for some reason after the population is done and the server reboots, it keeps asking for all the Timezone details and other stuff which has already been given during the creation of the master image file. I did not have these issues with Update3.

Does anyone have any clue?
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Old 10-11-2007
a) Looks like this is abug as filed below
Solaris 10 06/07 (U4) requires nfs4_domain sysidcfg keyword |
bug 6541730

b) I am still loooking for some insight Smilie
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