tftp Problem during Jumpstart

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Operating Systems Solaris tftp Problem during Jumpstart
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Old 09-24-2007
tftp Problem during Jumpstart


I have a V240 Solaris 10 (06.06) with a Solaris image of 08.07 (newest release). On the jumpstart server I have also installed JET for testing.
Client was setup using the JET utilities.

jade = jumpstart server
phoebus = client (MAC: 0:3:ba:9e:6f:2d IP: )

When I now start with the installation, I get the following output (snoop on the MAC adress of the client)

OLD-BROADCAST -> (broadcast) RARP C Who is 0:3:ba:9e:6f:2d ?
jade -> phoebus RARP R 0:3:ba:9e:6f:2d is, phoebus
phoebus -> BROADCAST TFTP Read "C0A83A79" (octet)
jade -> phoebus TFTP Data block 1 (512 bytes)
phoebus -> jade TFTP Error: unknown transfer ID
OLD-BROADCAST -> (broadcast) RARP C Who is 0:3:ba:9e:6f:2d ?

On the console of the client I get the following error message:

Rebooting with command: boot net - install
Boot device: /pci@1c,600000/network@2 File and args: - install
/pci@1c,600000/network@2: 1000 Mbps full duplex link up
Requesting Internet Address for 0:3:ba:9e:6f:2d
Requesting Internet Address for 0:3:ba:9e:6f:2d
Requesting Internet Address for 0:3:ba:9e:6f:2d
Requesting Internet Address for 0:3:ba:9e:6f:2d
Requesting Internet Address for 0:3:ba:9e:6f:2d
Requesting Internet Address for 0:3:ba:9e:6f:2d
/pci@1c,600000/network@2: 1000 Mbps full duplex link up

Requesting Internet address for 0:3:ba:9e:6f:2d
panic - boot: Boot: scratch memory overflow.

Any ideas why it say "TFTP Error: unknown transfer ID" and how Icould solve this problem?

Here are some additional information:

--- root@jade : /opt/SUNWjet
--- 87 # ll /tftpboot/
total 454
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 27 Sep 21 16:38 C0A83A79 -> inetboot.SUN4U.Solaris_10-1
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 27 Sep 21 16:38 C0A83A79.SUN4U -> inetboot.SUN4U.Solaris_10-1
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 217016 Sep 21 16:38 inetboot.SUN4U.Solaris_10-1
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 320 Sep 21 16:38 rm.

Thanks in advance

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