UPS Installation

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UPS Installation

Dear All,

I have installed package ups reillo in solaris but i could not use setup normaly, i could not connection with ttya , i need connect with ups for set system shutdown and another configuration. please i need help for solution
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UPSDRVCTL(8)							    NUT Manual							      UPSDRVCTL(8)

upsdrvctl - UPS driver controller SYNOPSIS
upsdrvctl -h upsdrvctl [OPTIONS] {start | stop | shutdown} [ups] DESCRIPTION
upsdrvctl provides a uniform interface for controlling your UPS drivers. You should use upsdrvctl instead of direct calls to the drivers whenever possible. When used properly, upsdrvctl lets you maintain identical startup scripts across multiple systems with different UPS configurations. OPTIONS
-h Display the help text. -r directory If starting a driver, this value will direct it to chroot(2) into directory. This can be useful when securing systems. This may be set in the ups.conf with "chroot" in the global section. -t Enable testing mode. This also enables debug mode. Testing mode makes upsdrvctl display the actions it would execute without actually doing them. Use this to test out your configuration without actually doing anything to your UPS drivers. This may be helpful when defining the sdorder directive in your ups.conf(5). -u username If starting a driver, this value will direct it to setuid(2) to the user id associated with username. If the driver is started as root without specifying this value, it will use the username that was compiled into the binary. This defaults to "nobody", and is far from ideal. This may be set in ups.conf with "user" in the global section. -D Raise the debug level. Use this multiple times for additional details. COMMANDS
upsdrvctl supports three commands - start, stop and shutdown. They take an optional argument which is a UPS name from ups.conf(5). Without that argument, they operate on every UPS that is currently configured. start Start the UPS driver(s). stop Stop the UPS driver(s). shutdown Command the UPS driver(s) to run their shutdown sequence. Drivers are stopped according to their sdorder value - see ups.conf(5). Warning this will probably power off your computers, so don't play around with this option. Only use it when your systems are prepared to lose power. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
NUT_CONFPATH is the path name of the directory that contains upsd.conf and other configuration files. If this variable is not set, upsdrvctl the driver use a built-in default, which is often /usr/local/ups/etc. DIAGNOSTICS
upsdrvctl will return a nonzero exit code if it encounters an error while performing the desired operation. This will also happen if a driver takes longer than the maxstartdelay period to enter the background. SEE ALSO
nutupsdrv(8), upsd(8), ups.conf(5) Internet resources: The NUT (Network UPS Tools) home page: Network UPS Tools 05/21/2012 UPSDRVCTL(8)

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